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Hey there, fellow adventurers! Today we’re diving into the heart and soul of a concern many nomads face: community. You might be wondering how to make friends and keep connections alive when you’re on the road. If you’re traveling with kids, the concern doubles.

Not to worry! I’m here to share some insights and a practical roadmap to building a community, just like our video friends did. So buckle up and let’s get rolling!

The Lonely Start: Finding Community

When you first set off, it can be pretty lonely out there. Especially if you choose to start in the middle of Missouri in the dead of winter. (Pro tip: don’t do that!)

The cold and loneliness can feel overwhelming. You might even end up stir-crazy, longing for friends, support, and that warm neighborhood vibe. But the silver lining here is that a massive nomad community is waiting for you. It’s time to immerse yourself and your family in it!

1. Local Events: Your Ticket to Connection

The first step to break that icy solitude is looking into local events and rallies hosted by organizations like Escapees, Full-time Families, and Republic of Nomads. These gatherings are designed for families and full-time RVers like you.

Tickets to these events can be your gateway to connections. One experience at the Republic of Nomads event in Moapa Valley could be all you need to feel that sense of community.

Think of campfires, hikes, socializing, making friends, and kids mingling. That’s what I call RV Community Bliss!

2. Connect Online: Reach Out and Say Hi!

You can’t underestimate the power of online connections. Reach out to fellow travelers like us. Share your story, cultivate the community online, and soon enough, plans will align for an in-person meet-up. Click that ‘like’ and ‘subscribe’, and boom! Instant friends.

Community Bliss: Embrace the Nomad Lifestyle

Building a community on the road with kids isn’t just a dream. It’s super possible, and there’s really nothing like the nomad community. Embracing uniqueness, respecting different lifestyles, and creating bonds that feel like family is what it’s all about.

So if you’ve been searching for a community, look no further. Extend your hand to the open road, because we’re here, cheering you on. Ready for that next thousand-mile road trip? Be sure to include a visit to the Texas Hill Country and stay with us here at Lake Falling Star RV Resort!